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THE microbeTRAP

The key to unlocking the potential of biology and solving our global challenges is to be able to find the right organisms for our problems. Bioomix has developed a unique and efficient technology for discovering new beneficial microorganisms from nature. We use a synthetic ecology approach, where we design small microbial habitats, that select for and promote the growth of microorganisms that have the properties we are looking for. This approach is in part enabled by the microbeTRAP, a patent pending technology, that Bioomix has exclusive access to. 


Watch the video to learn more about our tecnology. 




The captured microorganisms are isolated and characterized using culture-based methods. They are also whole genome sequenced for identification, genetic characterisation, and an initial safety evaluation. Once microorganisms are identified as active, novel and safe, we perform an array of competitive analysis, where we test their performance against each other and against other microorganisms, that have already been commercialised. This benchmarking ensures that only high-performing microorganisms are progressed to testing. 


The microbeTRAP can be applied in many scientific areas. It can be tailored to discover pathogen killing microbes, as well as microbes, that can degrade and produce specific molecules.

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