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Bioomix is a Danish biotech company based in Odense. We are developing all-natural microbial products that can help farmers achieve a higher and better yield with fewer chemicals and emissions. Our vision is to eliminate the use of pesticides, antibiotics and synthetic fertilizers in agriculture to ensure a sustainable future.



The founder team has previously worked in medical science, developing advanced tools for human health such as 3D bioprinting, tissue scaffolds and drug release systems.


In 2017, we were awarded a high-risk, high-gain experimental grant from the Villum Foundation that enabled us to move to the University of Western Australia’s School of Agriculture and Environment. In collaboration with talented researchers from UWA, it gave us the opportunity to apply bioprinting and biomaterial methods to environmental science. It resulted in a unique discovery technology platform that now powers microbe development at Bioomix.

A subsequent Innoexplorer grant from the Danish Innovation Fund enabled us to use this technology to biomine soil microbes that can effectively inhibit agricultural pathogens. In 2021, we established Bioomix as a company, received our first investment from the Bioinnovation Institute and were accepted into their Venture Lab accelerator program.